Academics are a core value of Tri Delta’s Omega Delta chapter at Iowa State University. Tri Delta is here to help its members in every possible way.  We have programs put in place to help those members who are struggling with grades or just want extra help. We encourage on campus tutors for every member, and our chapter will cover half of those fees. 

To promote academics we do a variety of things. Each week we have the ‘No Skippy Jar’ to reward those who did not skip class and have a required number of study hours.  We also have 'Smarty Panties' which a name is drawn out of a basket for girls who received an A or B on a test or project. In addition, we have study files to be used as a resource when doing homework or studying for an exam. Lastly, we reward the girls who got 4.0's with a giftcard of their choice, and the girls who made deans list with a button to put on their backpack.

-Faith Anton, Academic Chair